On “The Death of God” by Matthew Rose for First Things

That Matthew Rose piece from the new, orange print issue of “First Things” (mostly paywalled) is quite good on the origins of a “God is Dead” liberal Christianity without Christ. He presents a thoughtful, convincing exegesis of the intellectual movement. One intriguing idea: Being a Christian requires us to embody moral character, which requires us to be scrupulously honest, which compels us to admit that the truth-claims of orthodox Christianity are not convincing.
But he trails off quickly after he claims that this post-God liberal Christianity is embodied in contemporary American culture (i.e., liberal Protestantism has withered as a viable religion but flourished as a cultural pseudo-religious movement for Rainbow Coalition values of equality, justice, freedom, tolerance, etc). He makes the claim, and it seems right; I sort of believe him. But he doesn’t make much of a historical or theological or sociological case for it.
And he doesn’t even begin to make a case against the “God is dead” theology as such. That might properly be a distinct project. But I wonder whether he hasn’t inadvertently baited some quavering semi-believers, myself included, to be taken in by post-Christian Christianity.

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